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Randolph Pit Pad

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Downwind Beach House?

For the price of Randolph on-base housing, Downwind Beach House is a PIT Pad serving Air Force members with orders to PIT or IFF. Our lodging near Randolph AFB offer fully furnished, temporary housing for military personnel on TDY assignments to the Randolph area. Think of us as the top choice for TDY housing, presenting an enjoyable alternative to on-base or off-base hotels.

What sets Downwind Beach House apart from other Crashpads?

Great question.  Bottom line up front- no other PIT Pad provides members their own bathroom, a full garage gym, a pool and outdoor kitchen.  We are your premier Randolph pit pad, distinctly crafted for Air Force pilots, by Air Force pilots. By focusing on your needs using the lessons learned while we were at PIT, we ensure utmost comfort and convenience. Proximity to Randolph AFB, an extensive range of amenities, and our dedicated service team all come together to offer a memorable experience. We confidently challenge you to compare our amenities with other pit pads in San Antonio!

What amenities are available at Downwind Beach House?

During your military TDY in San Antonio, our TDY crashpad is thrilled to offer the following:

- A full gym

- Swimming pool

- Outdoor kitchen and TV

- High-speed Wi-Fi

- Full SONOS entertainment system with 120-inch 4K throw projector

- Full entertainment streaming services

- Comfortable linens with high thread count

- Weekly maid service

- Modern, upscale furnishings

- In-unit washer/dryers

- Fantastic outdoor running trails

What is the cost of staying at Downwind Beach House?

We charge the on-base visiting officer quarters (VOQ) rate, ensuring you won't have out-of-pocket expenses, as you'll be reimbursed through your DTS voucher.  At the time of writing this, the current rate is $114/night.

How can I pay for my stay at Downwind Beach House?

Normally we take the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC), but we accept various payment methods, including major credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-checks.

Can I bring pets to Downwind Beach House?

Yes, Downwind Beach House is pet-friendly! However, a one-time pet fee will apply, and certain breed restrictions may be in place. Please contact us for more details.

How can I transition from base lodging to stay with Downwind Beach House?

Get in touch with our team, and we'll help you move to the perfect location for you without incurring additional expenses. We'll also ensure you have the necessary documents for your DTS voucher.

How do I obtain a DTS authorization and file a DTS voucher?

We are working on publishing a step-by-step DTS voucher guide.  However, for the time being, we found that DTS offers some pretty easy to use products, such as their YouTube videos.  Your unit will also have resources to fill out your auths and vouchers.

How can I find the ideal Downwind Beach House for my needs?

o   Visit our website,, to learn more about our property and its amenities. Detailed descriptions, photos, and location information are provided, allowing you to choose the perfect temporary housing solution.

o   We also invite you to contact us directly. is our booking email, or find us on IG at @dbh_pitpad and DM us there!

Can I extend my stay at Downwind Beach House?

Of course.  PIT/IFF dates change frequently, so we are very flexible with changing timelines.  Please contact our team to confirm the extension and ensure a seamless transition.

What is the cancellation policy for Downwind Beach House?

We understand that plans can change. Our cancellation policy varies depending on the booking type. Please refer to your booking confirmation for specific details, or contact our team for assistance.

How close is Downwind Beach House to Randolph AFB?

As the elite choice for TDY lodging in San Antonio, we offer two properties, conveniently located near Randolph AFB, just 10 and 20 minutes away. This makes your commute easy, granting access to base facilities and the local attractions and eateries of Military City, USA.

Do I need to bring my own linens or kitchenware to Downwind Beach House?

Absolutely not- this is the benefit of staying with us. Our properties come fully furnished and equipped with all necessary linens, kitchenware, and appliances. Simply pack your personal belongings and enjoy your stay.

How can I contact you for assistance?

Our dedicated team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Please visit our website for contact information, or send us an email at  Additionally, we invite you to follow us @dbh_pitpad on IG and send us a DM!

Are there any additional fees or charges associated with staying with Downwind Beach House?

There are no hidden fees or charges. The rate you see when booking your stay is all-inclusive, covering all amenities, utilities, and services. However, a one-time pet fee may apply if you choose to bring your pet.

How do I obtain a DTS authorization for my stay?

There are no special steps in filing your authorization when planning on staying with us.  Once you complete your training, file your voucher like you normally would and we will provide the receipt (like any other hotel/VOQ reservations you may have made before) for you to provide to your unit.

Can I bring my family with me during my TDY stay at Downwind Beach House?

Yes, you can bring your family with you during your TDY stay. Downwind Beach House is designed to accommodate individuals as well as families, providing a comfortable and convenient living environment while you are away from home. Contact us so that we can help meet your family's needs when making a reservation.

I am not going to PIT, but will still be TDY to the San Antonio area.  Can I still stay at Downwind Beach House?

Absolutely. Our focus is on all military personnel TDY in the San Antonio region, spanning Kelly/Lackland AFB and the various army installations in Military City, USA. Get in touch with us today for availability!

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